The Umidigi F1 Play is a great device – a real bargain when you consider the amazing featureset. Its closest competitor is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 — but the F1 boasts a bigger battery, NFC, worldwide 4G bands, a lighter/faster skin, and supposedly “stock” Android 9 Pie.

Debunking the obvious. It isn’t really stock Android; the camera app is custom, the ‘face unlock’ uses a third party app, the buttons and gestures are third party, and even settings isn’t stock. BUT, it’s a pretty darn close effort and overall no complaints.

There are quite a few useless or bloatware apps I’ve removed from the F1 Play to give it the utmost performance. First step though, is to open up Settings, scroll to Duraspeed, and turn it OFF. No matter how you configure it, Duraspeed is a performance killer.

Now that Duraspeed is off, you’re ready to start the rocky adventure of debloating! You’ll need to download and install ADB and Fastboot onto your computer if you haven’t already, and also enable USB Debugging from the Developer Options menu. Finally, read and familiarize yourself with this article which teaches you exactly how to remove the apps from your phone.

It goes without saying that I’m not responsible for any bricked or broken devices. Back up all your data just in case something goes wrong – and remember, you can always restore to factory defaults by turning off the phone, then holding power + volume down to get to recovery.

Here’s the list of apps I’ve removed:
FM radio app, doesn’t seem to work anyway.
Who needs an “app” to turn on the flashlight, when it can be added to the quick launch shortcuts?
This is Umidigi’s default “launcher” app. Do not delete unless you have an alternative launcher installed.
Google’s Gmail app. I don’t use it.
Google Duo
Google Play Music
For printing and loopback prints.
Android screensaver. Who uses those in 2019?
Files by Google. Not needed – we have “Downloads”.
Notebook app. Useless bloatware.
Google Chrome. Do not delete unless you have an alternative browser.
IMS is a replacement for old SMS and MMS. Kinda useful if your carrier supports it, but not useful for our devices.
Text-to-speech engine. Most users don’t need this.
Sends feedback about installed apps, errors, crashes and security incidents to Google. Useless for Umidigi phones because they never update or patch anything.
We don’t do printing.
Not needed on this Android install.
Live wallpapers – not recommended because they slow down the device and drain battery life.
We’re not in China.
Face unlock feature. Do not delete if you wish to use face unlocking!
Exactly that. Not needed for most people.
Default calculator app.
Basic music player.
Not sure?!
Google Gboard keyboard. Do not delete unless you have an alternative keyboard installed!
Network manager can be configured (in Settings) to restrict apps from using data or WiFi. Not recommended to use.
Records the screen to a video.
This is a pretty useless QR code scanner.
Used in the US to receive government/emergency alerts (weather etc).
This is the “flip to mute” feature. If someone calls you, flip the phone over to mute. Useless background service – same thing can be done by pressing the volume buttons.
Google Docs
SIM toolkit. Provides access to premium rate SMS number services on your carrier. Do not delete if you are pay as you go.
Not sure, but nothing broke without it.
Not sure, but nothing broke without it.
This adds the android navigation bar (back, home, recents) and the “slippery gesture” function. DO NOT DELETE unless you have an alternative like FluidNG installed.
GPS bug reporter
Equalizer app. Pretty poor, better apps can be found on Play Store.
Linked to Settings somehow, but not sure what function. Uses 300MB+ RAM – huge bloat.
Not sure. Linked to Settings but doesn’t seem to do/change anything.
GPS ‘test’ satellite locator program accessed through Engineer Mode.
A dark theme for Android? Doesn’t appear in any settings. Uninstalled.


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