Hey, how are you? I’m Olorin (no shit sherlock!)

About Me?
934953_10151460990133884_781185159_nWell, I’m best described as an entrepreneur; I run a cloud web host, IT distribution company, night club, and fashion label investor. Also starting up a media charity to keep kids out of mischief and help them get in to the industry.

I’m a huge music fan, so you’ll always find me listening to music of some sort, and more often than not signing away to it. My fave genres (say Last.fm) are “Pop,” R&B, House and Disco – though that’s by no means all I listen to; my music library is both huge and diverse. I probably spend way too much money on music than I should – but it fuels the fire of creativity and motivation! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking it to it.

Songwriting – no longer in the industry, however have been privileged to work with amazing artists like Joe Thomas and Ce’cile, and have written alongside other talented writers like Wynter Gordon, Ester Dean and Antea/Anesha Birchett.

Outside of work, I’m slowly becoming a fitness buff. I’m on a mission to leanify and fitify myself, with the help of high cardio fitness dancing. Current daily routine: 100 push ups, 50 sit ups, 30 minutes high cardio, ~3 mile walk. 56kg and feeling good! 🙂

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