0007760_psyc-monic-premium-bluetooth-speaker-20w-built-in-battery-blackEverybody knows Sumvision as a budget brand and having heard some of their other speakers I didn’t expect much from the Monic. In comparison to other portable Bluetooth speakers, it’s small, it looks nice, and feels well built for a plastic device.

I’m no audiophile, but I have my selection of JBL, Bose, RCF and B&W speakers – I appreciate good quality sound, with a bit more beef on the low-end if I’m honest. So this little plastic budget speaker – “God, what will this one sound like. Epic failure?” I thought. Popped it on charge for a couple of hours and just given it a test. Bloody hell, I’m shocked!

I’m the proud owner of the JBL Charge 2 and Fugoo XL portable speakers, both of which are expensive “high end” devices. What if I told you there is only negligible difference in sound quality between the Monic, JBL and Fugoo speakers? So much so, that I feel robbed when I think of how much I paid for the JBL and Fugoo. The Monic has amazing instrument separation for its size, sharp but not overpowering highs, and a warm midrange. 0007759_psyc-monic-premium-bluetooth-speaker-20w-built-in-battery-blackIt makes you listen to the melody of the song, not the sound of the speaker. It has some impressive bass, reaching as low as 67Hz which is lower than the manufacturer specifies, and while there is definitely some boost going on it sounds very smooth and natural without peaks or harshness.

Overall, the Monic packs an impressive punch for its size and price tag. It is heard more than seen, and enjoyed far more than its price justifies. What are you waiting for – skip the expensive brands, save yourself some cash and please your eardrums with this amazingly premium device from a surprising budget contender!


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