I once asked myself what I wanted to be in life and who am I?
So to start, I decided to seep through their lies and create my own opportunities.
I’m gonna shout to the world, this is only the beginning.
So from here, I’m going to Soar.

We say we wanna live life,
But who do we live it for,
For ourselves or for everyone else?
We say we wanna fly,
But when push comes to shove,
We’re too scared to take the flight.
From young we’re taught to be everything we can be,
But where is the support to make sure we succeed?
They will try and hide it from you,
Try de-ny it from you,
Look in-side.

In life they always say, there’s plenty of options,
But in the end we’ll only choose the one,
Don’t always feel like choice is given to us,
We’ve gotta make the fight to make it right,
So we can, so we can just Soar!

What about the girl waiting for the opportunity,
To attend University and make a change,
What about, the fact that she’s the future,
Holding her back – where’s the sense in that?
A vicious circle we live in,
And when we need to break free,
As individuals find what makes you happy,
Or your soul they will mislead,
In to thinking that this is life,
And anything else that will make you smile,
Just isn’t real – a mere picture of your insanity,
A freeze frame of a dream you’ll never reach.

Soar through life,
Open doors,
Make sure you find a way.

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