Fifteen hundred threads in my linen sheets
Look like you missin’ wakin’ up next to me
Staying relevant’s the only shit I’m focused on
Like yesterday, you forever in the past to me
Te boté, eh, eh

You got it all twisted
I checked out a long time ago
Texting you missed it
Thought you had enough of that
See I got you sprung
So I pulled up, they start a case of charity
After you beggin’ me, beggin’ for company
Never needed you, you only needed me
All that talk just a sign of bein’ weak
Had too much tequila

So save that shit for the next one
It goes in one ear and out the next one
Said you put me out, why you lyin’
I left on my own, had you cryin’
I was tryna keep your business silent
Tried to keep the peace instead of bein’ violent
Thought we squashed the bygones and remained friends
Truth be told, you’re the one that’s high maintenance
Let’s be real, I threw you out
¿El a-El anillo pa’ cuándo?
But your time ran out

Bebé, yo te boté, yo te boté
Te di banda y te solté, yo te solté
Pa’l carajo te mandé, yo te mandé
De mi vida te boté, yo te boté

Yeh-yeh, papi

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