After finally having my bootloader unlock request granted, I recently went on a ROOT and ROM spree with my Xiaomi Mi Max. Initially I started with the ROMs which are supposedly less heavy and bloated compared to the Xiaomi natives. Whilst this is true, there is still a lot of bloat in them which I really do not need. I’m not Chinese and I do not rely on any of the Xiaomi apps, so I’ve compiled a list of all apps I removed that didn’t kill the phone:

  • Notes
  • Bookmark Provider
  • Mi Remote
  • UniPlay Service
  • Wallpaper Carousel
  • Weather
  • Weather Provider
  • Yellow Pages
  • Browser
  • Cloud Print
  • Gboard
  • Mail
  • App Vault
  • Cleaner
  • com.miui.antispam
  • Direct Service
  • Content Catcher
  • Documents
  • Feedback
  • FM Radio
  • Hybrid Accessory
  • Music
  • Screen Recorder
  • Secure Spaces Agent
  • DO NOT DELETE!!!! Security
  • Security Core Component
  • DO NOT DELETE!!!! Security Service Plugin
  • SpacesCore
  • SpacesManagerService
  • com.xiaomi.joyose
  • Scanner
  • Mi Drive
  • Mi Cloud
  • Mi Cloud Backup
  • Hardware Tests
  • Android System Webview

Hope this helps someone (probably just me…) when debloating their Xiaomi device. It really  reduces RAM consumption, almost to stock Android 7 level (but not quite).

My ROM adventures have brought me to XenonHD and I have to say, this is now an all-time favourite ROM. So stock and clean, but with  handy customizations that really make the Mi Max a pleasure to use again.


Atiq · 2018/05/26 at 10:13

Is it safe to uninstall com.xiaomi.micloud.sdk? My Mi Max is rooted.

    Olorin · 2018/05/26 at 14:19

    As long as you’re not planning to ever use any Mi Cloud services, then yes it can be removed. Make sure you remove ALL of the dependent Mi Cloud apps before removing the SDK though!

zolomon · 2018/10/08 at 15:17

how did you remove it?can you explain the process?

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