I’m somewhat fussy when it comes to music. I prefer to listen to my library on shuffle and seldom listen to a full album from start to finish. Quite frankly, I rarely find an album that can entertain me throughout with every song, but the odd ones that do are very special to me. Here is a short list of them…

J. Cole – Cole World

So J. Cole… Where do I start? He’s so damn pretty, and he has an awesome body. Though he’s pretty and presentable on the outside, he’s clearly been through some fucked up shit on the inside which is very evident from his lyrics. He’s got one of those voices with just the right tone to rap; he doesn’t need to force it, he sounds great naturally whether whispering or shouting. He shows a lot of respect in his lyrics, especially for his mom and those that have looked out for him during his journey so far. And he’s not afraid to cuss out and fuck over anyone who has hindered or upset him.

The album itself is very well produced, the tracks are perfectly ordered to flow and you’ll follow him on an emotional journey, of course all thanks to his silky smooth voice and amazing lyrics. Although it is a hip hop album, I would consider it crossover pop or maybe experimental, and I think it will easily appeal to those who aren’t particular fans of traditional hip hop but who appreciate emotional, heartfelt lyrics.

Jamelia – Thank You

I think it’s a good album. It’s got some amazing tracks, some okay tracks, but overall listenable from start to finish.

Common – Be

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