This is a really short and bitchy blog. I am stating my personal opinion. If you’re a true MJ fan then you’re with me on this one, but if you’re a media-driven follower then please do not read on.

Michael Jackson’s label – Epic, currently headed by LA Reid – is back on the bull of attempting to revive Michael’s older material by remixing and featuring current pop artists. His ‘latest’ song sounds like this:

I know, I know… terrible right?! I made some comments on the video itself but they will no doubt be drowned out by brainwashed media-driven followers of MJ, so I’ve repasted here:

  • Needs a stronger kickdrum.
  • More stereo widening on the original track, it’s far too flat.
  • Where’s the synth and strings? Where’s the reverb?
  • Remove the jingling bells, it’s not Christmas.
  • Disgusting transition at 2:46. Whoever produced and mastered this should feel ashamed; Michael was a perfectionist and this would be FAR from his standards.
  • Listening to this makes me feel like I’ve just been robbed and I’m missing something valuable.
  • Should’ve been remixed as a modern-style house track with heavy organ fronted melody.
  • Should’ve featured a popular rapper, backing a mainstream rap that people can relate to (Pitbull? 2chainz?)

Nobody wants to hear cheap, old and unfinished tat from MJ. He was a perfectionist and kept his material as fresh as could be throughout his career. Therefore I pray that David Guetta, StarGate, RedOne or Marc Kinchen make a PROPER remix of this. They’d do a good job.

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