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So I’m thinking of composing a ‘State of the Internet’ report every month, that details the speed / quality / status of each of my broadband lines here. Sure there’s loads of comparison web sites that claim to do this already and let users vote… but how do we know these aren’t all fixed results based on ISP backhand donations? I’m 100% independent, do not favour one ISP over another.

I currently have the following lines:

TalkTalk Plus + Fibre boost (37Mb down / 9Mb up)
BT Infinity for Business (75Mb down / 16Mb up)
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre (37Mb down / 7Mb up)
EE (Orange) Fibre Unlimited (36Mb down / 8Mb up)
Plusnet Unlimited ADSL2+ (15Mb down / 1Mb up)
Eclipse Fibre Pro (36Mb down / 9Mb up)
TalkTalk Essentials ADSL2+ (8Mb down / 0.8Mb up)
BE Pro ADSL2+ (20Mb down / 1.8Mb up)
Sky Unlimited ADSL2+ (7Mb down 0.8Mb up)

All these lines are monitored 24*7 on a second-by-second basis for latency, packet loss and throughput speed. I’m thinking of composing monthly reports based on this monitoring of how each ISP is doing. I’ll run a report at the end of the month and if things go well I may keep this going on a rolling basis.

As said, I’m completely impartial / independent of all ISPs and do not favour one over another, so hopefully results of my reports will give you a good idea of good and bad ISPs. Of course, various factors can (artificially) impact my monitoring, for example line quality issues, temporary routing/peering issues, peak-time exchange congestion and so on… but that’s what these reports will be all about!


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