Saturday’s “perfect” R&B party playlist

It’s actually RnB, but there are some R&B tracks in here as well as Soul, Funk and Disco. Slightly broader than my title suggests… 🙂

James Brown – Cold Sweat (Part 1)
James Brown – Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine (Part 1)
Will Smith – Gettin’ Jiggy With It
Fatman Scoop – Be Faithful
Jason Derulo – Talk Dirty (featuring 2 Chainz)
Ryan Bowers – DTF
Jennifer Lopez – Get Right (featuring Fabolous)
Mohombi – Bumpy Ride
Liberty X vs. Richard X – Being Nobody
Lucy Pearl – Don’t Mess With My Man
Alison Limerick – Love Come Down
Jennifer Hudson – I Can’t Describe (featuring T.I.)
Ciara – Turn it Up (featuring Usher)
B-15 Project – Girls Like Us (featuring Crissy D & Lady G)
Chris Brown – Loyal (featuring Lil Wayne & Tyga)
J-Kwon – Tipsy
Christina Aguilera – Dirrty (featuring Redman)
Girlicious – Liar Liar (featuring Flo Rida)
Lamar Jay – Like a Pro (featuring E-40)
Aggro Santos – Saint or Sinner

Dear diary…

I can really be an arsehole sometimes. This isn’t a new discovery; I realised in March of this year I believe it was and I’m sure many of you on here have already concluded long before.

I made a promise to myself that I’d change, that I’d go for an upgrade to become a new and improved model, and to many extents I have done just that. However, it is very nearly a new year, I’m almost another year older and I still have not fulfilled anywhere near as many changes as I need to.

I still suck as a friend. I haven’t worked out that my actions can be damaging or hurtful to others. I’m superficial, always acting and I change who I am depending on who’s company I am in. I lie to gain popularity or attention. I am late all the time, for everything. I must be in control at all times. I can’t handle the thought of being wrong. [snip…]

So that just sucks. I am an arsehole through and through. But, I will not admit defeat. I will use every bit of willpower I have to change. Therefore, I must learn to think before I speak. I must not lie. I must improve my time management. I must learn to trust others. I must learn that I do not possess the intelligence of Stephen Hawking, therefore I may get things wrong. Above all, I must discover my true personality and embrace myself rather than buckling under the pressure of trying to enact a perfected vision. Nobody is perfect.

But I don’t suck at everything; this year I have over doubled the revenue of a once failing local business, bringing it back in to the black and more. I have had the pleasure of working with a long time friend come co-director in significantly growing and improving another business. I negotiated a contract with a global entertainments company doing something that I’m truly passionate about whilst making money. Business really is booming, and I am eternally grateful for those of you that have helped me get where I am today.

This year, I have befriended a handful of loyal people who have stuck by me through thick and thin – lord knows why! However I am truly grateful for your friendship and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me. I’m sorry if I have upset you, inflicted any anger or hatred, or if I’ve hurt you. I have truthfully never intended for any of that. With 2015 being just a stone’s throw away, I would like to make some public New Year’s Resolutions.

I have an awful lot of changes and improvements to make as a person, and some of those changes won’t be easy to make. We’ve all heard the phrase “changing the habit of a lifetime” right? I can’t promise many things, but one thing I promise for sure is that however good of a friend I have been to you this year, I will be a better friend next year. I won’t let you down, and I will be there for you whenever you need me. I am going to improve myself and enjoy life more than I already do, and I hope that we can enjoy it together.

Thank you.

Albums I’ll happily listen all the way through

I’m somewhat fussy when it comes to music. I prefer to listen to my library on shuffle and seldom listen to a full album from start to finish. Quite frankly, I rarely find an album that can entertain me throughout with every song, but the odd ones that do are very special to me. Here is a short list of them…

J. Cole – Cole World

So J. Cole… Where do I start? He’s so damn pretty, and he has an awesome body. Though he’s pretty and presentable on the outside, he’s clearly been through some fucked up shit on the inside which is very evident from his lyrics. He’s got one of those voices with just the right tone to rap; he doesn’t need to force it, he sounds great naturally whether whispering or shouting. He shows a lot of respect in his lyrics, especially for his mom and those that have looked out for him during his journey so far. And he’s not afraid to cuss out and fuck over anyone who has hindered or upset him.

The album itself is very well produced, the tracks are perfectly ordered to flow and you’ll follow him on an emotional journey, of course all thanks to his silky smooth voice and amazing lyrics. Although it is a hip hop album, I would consider it crossover pop or maybe experimental, and I think it will easily appeal to those who aren’t particular fans of traditional hip hop but who appreciate emotional, heartfelt lyrics.

Jamelia – Thank You

I think it’s a good album. It’s got some amazing tracks, some okay tracks, but overall listenable from start to finish.

Common – Be

Michael Jackson’s Love Never Felt So Good makes me feel SO BAD.

This is a really short and bitchy blog. I am stating my personal opinion. If you’re a true MJ fan then you’re with me on this one, but if you’re a media-driven follower then please do not read on.

Michael Jackson’s label – Epic, currently headed by LA Reid – is back on the bull of attempting to revive Michael’s older material by remixing and featuring current pop artists. His ‘latest’ song sounds like this:

I know, I know… terrible right?! I made some comments on the video itself but they will no doubt be drowned out by brainwashed media-driven followers of MJ, so I’ve repasted here:

  • Needs a stronger kickdrum.
  • More stereo widening on the original track, it’s far too flat.
  • Where’s the synth and strings? Where’s the reverb?
  • Remove the jingling bells, it’s not Christmas.
  • Disgusting transition at 2:46. Whoever produced and mastered this should feel ashamed; Michael was a perfectionist and this would be FAR from his standards.
  • Listening to this makes me feel like I’ve just been robbed and I’m missing something valuable.
  • Should’ve been remixed as a modern-style house track with heavy organ fronted melody.
  • Should’ve featured a popular rapper, backing a mainstream rap that people can relate to (Pitbull? 2chainz?)

Nobody wants to hear cheap, old and unfinished tat from MJ. He was a perfectionist and kept his material as fresh as could be throughout his career. Therefore I pray that David Guetta, StarGate, RedOne or Marc Kinchen make a PROPER remix of this. They’d do a good job.

Enabling ICMP Echo / Ping on WAN of DSL-3780

Hey folks,

I’ve a lovely ‘TalkTalk Special’ DSL-3780 “fibre router” in use on a Fibre line with TalkTalk’s YouView service. The router works great for the most part; it’s decently powerful, reasonably quick at forwarding packets, and can actually handle quite some packets routed through it’s SPI Firewall – though if you’re a gamer you might wanna turn the Firewall rules off.

Anyway, one of its caveats is that many services/ports come closed by factory defaults, including WAN-side ping. Responding to ping on WAN is good for monitoring the quality of your broadband connection for instance, so having it enabled is definitely useful. It is not, however, a simple procedure to get it enabled! It took me f**king HOURS to get there. Here’s what to do:

  • First, log in to the admin interface of the router. Unless you’ve changed this IP (in which case you’ll know what it is), point your web browser to
  • You should see a pretty TalkTalk customised page that gives you your connection status. To the bottom left there’s a button marked ‘Advanced’ – click it
  • You’ll be prompted to login. Unless you’ve changed the access details (again, you should know what they are), enter the username ‘admin’ with password ‘admin’
  • On the horizontal menu to the top of the page, click ‘Advanced’ again
  • Now on the vertical menu to the left, click Network Tools
  • Now choose ACL
  • Add a new rule with the settings as follows:
    ACL: Activated
    ACL Rule Index: 8
    Active: Yes
    Source IP: ~
    Application: Ping
    Interface: Both
  • Click the ‘Set’ button right at the bottom, and then you’re all done!

It’s pretty darn hidden in the UI and almost impossible to find, isn’t it? 🙂

LYRICS: Miss Sabrina Bell – Soar

I once asked myself what I wanted to be in life and who am I?
So to start, I decided to seep through their lies and create my own opportunities.
I’m gonna shout to the world, this is only the beginning.
So from here, I’m going to Soar.

We say we wanna live life,
But who do we live it for,
For ourselves or for everyone else?
We say we wanna fly,
But when push comes to shove,
We’re too scared to take the flight.
From young we’re taught to be everything we can be,
But where is the support to make sure we succeed?
They will try and hide it from you,
Try de-ny it from you,
Look in-side.

In life they always say, there’s plenty of options,
But in the end we’ll only choose the one,
Don’t always feel like choice is given to us,
We’ve gotta make the fight to make it right,
So we can, so we can just Soar!

What about the girl waiting for the opportunity,
To attend University and make a change,
What about, the fact that she’s the future,
Holding her back – where’s the sense in that?
A vicious circle we live in,
And when we need to break free,
As individuals find what makes you happy,
Or your soul they will mislead,
In to thinking that this is life,
And anything else that will make you smile,
Just isn’t real – a mere picture of your insanity,
A freeze frame of a dream you’ll never reach.

Soar through life,
Open doors,
Make sure you find a way.

Bridge a TG582n via CLI

If you’re looking to bridge a Technicolor TG582n modem router in to bridge mode (modem only, for use with an additional router) but you do not have any templates for WUI, this handy guide is here to help. This is assuming you’re BT’s 21CN ADSL(2+) but will also work with most LLU providers including TalkTalk.

Log in to your router via Telnet (great Telnet client is PuTTY) then run the following commands:

ppp relay flush
ppp flush
eth flush
atm flush
atm phonebook flush
atm phonebook add name=BrPPPoE_ph addr=0.38
atm ifadd intf=BrPPPoE_atm
atm ifconfig intf=BrPPPoE_atm dest=BrPPPoE_ph  encaps=vcmux ulp=mac
atm ifattach intf=BrPPPoE_atm
eth bridge ifadd intf=BrPPPoE_br
eth bridge ifconfig intf=BrPPPoE_br dest=BrPPPoE_atm
eth bridge ifattach intf=BrPPPoE_br
service system modify name=DHCP-S state=disabled
wireless radio state=disabled


Note: Original demo by Ray L (Ray Lavender) which leaked online titled ‘Ass on Her’

She got a body like her first name Serena,
You can’t even picture what I’m saying ’til you see her,
Shawty carry cargo like an 18 wheeler,
Look below her waist yall, she movin’ weight yall,

Hypnotised by the way she do her dance,
Got me wonderin’ how she fit up in them pants,
Ghetto booty turn me groupie I’m a fan,
If she don’t win Miss New Booty then I don’t understand,

Bartender if it ain’t no trouble,
Get me a shot of Hen’ on the double,
And send it to the shawty with the bubble,
Look to your left my dude, shawty in the blue,

See that girl, she got ass on her,
Watch the way she move it when she back it up,
That girl, she got ass on her,
Look at the way she move it when she make it pop,
See that girl, she got ass on her,
Watch the way she move it when she back it up,
That girl, she got ass on her,
Look at the way she move it when she make it pop,

Back yard bangin’ like an 808 drum,
You gon’ make me pop it like a peice of bubble yum,
Ass shakin’ like a seizure must’a swallowed up your thong,
Get her booty CPR – 1 2 3 pump,

You can call me crazy but I ain’t ever seen a,
Ass lookin’ fatter than a 7 series beamer,
I put that on everything as something I would dream of,
I’d like the chance to make your body scream oh-uuh,

Bartender if it ain’t no trouble,
Get me a shot of Hen’ on the double,
And send it to the shawty with the bubble,
Look to your left my dude, shawty in the blue,

See that girl, she got ass on her,
Watch the way she move it when she back it up,
That girl, she got ass on her,
Look at the way she move it when she make it pop,
See that girl, she got ass on her,
Watch the way she move it when she back it up,
That girl, she got ass on her,
Look at the way she move it when she make it pop.

HTC & Beats Audio part ways

Today is a sad day for me since I learned Beats by Dre & HTC are parting ways 🙁

A few years back HTC bought 50.1% shares in Beats Electronics, effectively giving them full control of the Beats Audio and Beats by Dre brand. Apparently, due to poor sales figures and other mumbo jumbo the partnership between HTC and Beats has not worked as well as either party had planned.

HTC integrated Beats Audio speakers in to many of their mobile handsets, including mine – the HTC One. I love my HTC One, and the dual Beats speakers produce sound that is nothing short of amazing considering the sheer size of the handset. I feel the One’s speaker setup is only the beginning for what could be great future development of mobile handset audio… but sadly it looks like it just wasn’t meant to be.

HTC have not completely ruled out working with Beats in the future though, saying they will “continue to partner [with Beats] as future opportunities arise” but my guess is those ‘opportunities’ will never arise…

What’s more, there are rumours that HTC’s latest financials are far worse than expected and the HTC chairwoman Cher Wang is looking to sell the company. This is a very sad day indeed. Over the last 4 years I’ve had 4 HTC handsets, 1 Samsung and 1 iPhone; needless to say I am unimpressed with the ‘leading competition’ and should HTC sell out to either, I’d probably cry.

HTC and Cher Wang – pull yourselves together! You have a strong brand and you’re only just breaking the barrier to producing amazing mobile handsets. The One is a work of art… but just think how far you could advance from it! Don’t sell, continue to innovate, and ensure your audio improves – with or without Beats.