Debloating Xiaomi Mi Max

After finally having my bootloader unlock request granted, I recently went on a ROOT and ROM spree with my Xiaomi Mi Mix. Initially I started with the ROMs which are supposedly less heavy and bloated compared to the Xiaomi natives. Whilst this is true, there is still a lot of bloat in them which I really do not need. I’m not Chinese and I do not rely on any of the Xiaomi apps, so I’ve compiled a list of all apps I removed that didn’t kill the phone:

  • Notes
  • Bookmark Provider
  • Mi Remote
  • UniPlay Service
  • Wallpaper Carousel
  • Weather
  • Weather Provider
  • Yellow Pages
  • Browser
  • Cloud Print
  • Gboard
  • Mail
  • App Vault
  • Cleaner
  • com.miui.antispam
  • Direct Service
  • Content Catcher
  • Documents
  • Feedback
  • FM Radio
  • Hybrid Accessory
  • Music
  • Screen Recorder
  • Secure Spaces Agent
  • DO NOT DELETE!!!! Security
  • Security Core Component
  • DO NOT DELETE!!!! Security Service Plugin
  • SpacesCore
  • SpacesManagerService
  • com.xiaomi.joyose
  • Scanner
  • Mi Drive
  • Mi Cloud
  • Mi Cloud Backup
  • Hardware Tests
  • Android System Webview

Hope this helps someone (probably just me…) when debloating their Xiaomi device. It really does help reduce RAM consumption, almost to stock Android 7 level… but not quite

Anyhow, my ROM adventures have brought me to XenonHD and I have to say, this is now my favourite ever ROM. So stock and clean, but with some handy customizations that really make the Mi Max a pleasure to use again.

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