Edward Snowden – Bullshitter

I’m sorry, but what is all this bullshit:¬†http://www.theguardian.com/business/2013/aug/02/telecoms-bt-vodafone-cables-gchq

Snowden’s had plenty of time to sit and play on PowerPoint while hiding in the Airport now, hasn’t he? And look where it’s got him; asylum in Russia for sharing “information”. Look at all of these “codenames” for ISPs:

BT = Remedy
Verizon Business = Dacron
Vodafone Cable = Gerontic
Global Crossing = Pinnage
Level 3 = Little
Viatel = Vitreous
Interoute = Streetcar

My bullshit meter is OFF THE SCALE.

The REAL problem

Edward Snowden is a spy?

Think about it. He’s been to every “enemy” of America supposedly leaking facts… but what if he was actually leaking fiction to the enemy governments in exchange for THEIR facts. He ends up in Russia, America’s largest cyber-enemy, for a year’s asylum and will no doubt end up back in America after scrambling together much info on the Russian government’s spying arrangements.

Spies are usually on the down-low, no media attention and what not, but this is a perfect disguise no?

Attention diversion?

The other worrying aspect is that Snowden is simply a guinea-pig to create attention that diverts from something more serious. Maybe it’s something the US Govt. is doing, maybe it’s a collective between many governments?

One way or another, I strongly believe this whole “snooping” business is immensely exaggerated and there is an¬†ulterior motive.

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