Nowt as queer as folk

So, I’m browsing eBay looking for good Halloween props for decorating the window, when I come accross “Halloween Flasher” – which looked very much like a mini strobe light! I clicked on it, and sure enough, it was a mini battery operated strobe light that you can pick up elsewhere on eBay for £5 or less, but this one was marked up at £24.99. What’s crazy, though, is that 3 people had bought it at that price!

Then it suddenly hit me – how stupid are us folk for finding something on eBay or other bargain-associated sites, entrusting the shop/seller to give us the best price and that’s that? I mean, come on! This is a perfect example that research is key and shopping around is everything.

There are clearly very clever people out there, as moronic as they may be, who abuse the trust we’ve been used to by Asda, Tesco and other big brands to make a nice profit. It’s wrong – but on who’s part; is the seller wrong for abusing buyers’ trust, or are us buyers wrong for trusting all sellers?

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